Number of users

Yes, you can order your custom-built application and spend the suitable cost. For organizations that need other services, such as adding office automation or marketing, we can provide new sections to be activated specifically for the program.
Surely no, we are constantly developing and developing, and our road map may be different from other messengers, but we compete with leaders in this area in terms of speed and quality.
Yes, send us your order to provide the features you need.


Ownership of the brand belongs to you and we are the provider of the service you desire and you have complete legal and financial independence.
Yes, whenever you wish, the terms of the contract may be terminated. But really, if you get a great service, why do you want to terminate the partnership?


We have our support for all hours and this includes users of your service. Additional descriptions will be provided at the contract.
Yes, if you want, we will accompany you in the revenue models, advertising campaigns and ...
we are ready to respond to you by telephone and ticketing.

customize service

Yes, you are in control of your system and you can even leave this section to our operators.
If necessary, yes. By your request, you can create a service with a new structure to meet your goals
Yes, of course it's optional, but it also makes money for you.

Making money

All proceeds are on your payment site. Income from the services of the mini programs and the celebrities as a contribution to income. At the time of the contract, additional descriptions will be provided.